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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Do’s and don’ts of native advertising on mobile

Over the past decade, native advertising has gained traction among both advertisers and brands. Yet it was not until around 2014 that native advertising switched screens and made its way on to mobile devices. And while it may have taken a few years to take off, native advertising on mobile is here to stay. In

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May the ‘Native’ be with you

What pops into your head when you hear the line, “May the Force Be with You”? Whether you’re a geek or not, you will undoubtedly know the movie which this quotation comes from. A film originally produced in 1977 by George Lucas, Star Wars describes an adventure in a far off galaxy and is famed

Mobile Marketing

what will happen in 2016, with mobile advertising

eMarketer predicted that in 2016, mobile advertising will hit a milestone with $101.37 billion spent on mobile ads. In 2014, mobile ad revenue was $42.63 billion with digital advertisements accounting for 29.4%. In 2016, this percentage will rise to 51.1% of total mobile ad spending. These numbers exemplify the ever-changing trends in the mobile advertising

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101 Business model Online Advertising

it’s essential to understand various terms and abbreviated words used to refer to various online advertising programs.  These online advertising programs are offered by many websites and search engines and ad network. Below are the widely used and most popular online advertising programs/terms. So, I decided to write down all about these terms in a


#StartUpReview BerryKitchen

why e-commerce is very happening in Indonesia? because the Indonesian people love shopping. What about the food? everyone love eats, what are the prospects f & b commerce business in Indonesia? #StartUpReview This time, it would provide little bit information to you, why F & B e-commerce in Indonesia will be the next big things.

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Where will m-commerce trend continue next?

With the steady increase in mobile tech developments in recent years, many small businesses have made mobile commerce, or m-commerce, a priority. Whether it’s using a tablet in a brick-and-mortar store or enabling sales through a mobile website, businesses across a wide range of industries are seeking solutions to help them adapt to a mobile-obsessed

Smartphone Apps

Really, chat eating the world?

What is your daily chat application? A question that has many answers, because during this time provider text feature is going abandoned. People feel more comfortable with free chat application. Even actually they pay it with the mobile data. And also in IT industry, email is getting displaced because there are some application like Slack,


#EventReview from Tech In Asia Jakarta 2015

Last week, Dewina attended 2 days of Techinasia Conference 2015. Dewina mentioned this event as the biggest technology conference which support startup environment in Indonesia. Dewina has no rights to claim it as an SEA event, even TechinAsia is in several countries. It took place in Balai Kartini, there were some categories for the visitors.

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Native Advertising Is Not Content Marketing

When you see the phrase “native advertising,” what do you think? Do you think of content marketing?  Well, a lot of people do … so much so, that I felt compelled to write an article about it. When it comes to advertising, content marketing is where the real value currently resides. It’s central in cultivating audience