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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tren Iklan di Indonesia 5 Tahun ke Depan

Smartphone di Indonesia Smartphone di Indonesia memang sudah sangat lekat dengan keseharian kita. Dari 9 jam penggunaan layar, porsi layar paling besar yang kita gunakan ada di smartphone, yakni sebanyak 34%, sisanya adalah televisi  dan laptop. Kini kita pun bisa melakukan berbagai hal melalui smartphone kita. Menurut Kementrian dan Informatika Indonesia pun, 5 aktivitas online

Native Ads

Tips How To Win Attention War in Native Advertising

How Natural Native Advertising is Considering Native Advertising is a comfort advertising model for user. It is a form of media where the ad experience follows the natural form of the user experience. Native Advertising is positioned as one of the methods with more growth for qualified site traffic. The tricky part about this form of advertising


Event Review: Game Dev Jakarta Reborn

This is a good news for Game Developers in Jakarta, because Game Dev Jakarta has been reborn. Located in Lyto Game Headquarter (October 8th, 2016), more than 55 people gathered and committed to activate Game Dev Jakarta. This event was attended by game developers, game publishers, media and partners. The game dev Jakarta: Reborn itself

Mobile Marketing

Video Streaming: Future Content Marketing

When we talk about trend, we talk about what’s going on in our world, the people surround us. Digital platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc, actually accelerate the trend change. As we know Twitter has brought the idea of short content that everyone can do, then comes Instagram with its visual-based content. Youtube

Native Ads

Native Ads, Aligning Experiences

As time goes on, advertising reveals itself to personal level. If you were reading your favorite site, advertisers were trying to grab audience attention with a pop up or other display ad. Advertisers thought that the display ad would cause you stop what you were doing to look at it. The thing is interruptive display

Digital Marketing

May the ‘Native’ be with you

What pops into your head when you hear the line, “May the Force Be with You”? Whether you’re a geek or not, you will undoubtedly know the movie which this quotation comes from. A film originally produced in 1977 by George Lucas, Star Wars describes an adventure in a far off galaxy and is famed

Mobile Marketing

what will happen in 2016, with mobile advertising

eMarketer predicted that in 2016, mobile advertising will hit a milestone with $101.37 billion spent on mobile ads. In 2014, mobile ad revenue was $42.63 billion with digital advertisements accounting for 29.4%. In 2016, this percentage will rise to 51.1% of total mobile ad spending. These numbers exemplify the ever-changing trends in the mobile advertising

Case Study

101 Business model Online Advertising

it’s essential to understand various terms and abbreviated words used to refer to various online advertising programs.  These online advertising programs are offered by many websites and search engines and ad network. Below are the widely used and most popular online advertising programs/terms. So, I decided to write down all about these terms in a